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What to Expect?

You don't need to do this alone:

Experience a stress-free wedding celebration with Minnesota Wedding Party's expert DJ services. Our Wedding Host will be on hand from the moment your first guest arrives until the last guest leaves, ensuring a seamless experience for you and your loved ones. Our team proactively identifies and resolves any issues that may arise, allowing you to enjoy your special day without any interruptions.

At your (on-site) Ceremony, your host will:

  • Provide wireless microphones so everyone can hear

  • Provide any recorded music that is required

  • Work with any musicians hired to make a seamless experience for guests and musicians

At your reception, your Host will:

  • Provide background music as your guests arrive

  • Welcome your guests and guide them towards the guest book, gift table, restrooms, etc.

  • Assist with any needs during cocktail hour and dinner

  • Keep your guests informed about upcoming activities

Once the Couple arrives, we will:

  • Tend to any immediate needs of the couple and/or special guests

  • Introduce the Wedding Party and the Couple

  • Help everyone get seated for dinner

Throughout the day, we will:

  • Facilitate blessings, toasts, or announcements using a wireless microphone

  • Keep you on schedule

  • Help with your wedding slide show if needed (full A/V and design assistance included in the package)

  • Provide discreet assistance to staff and guests, if needed, to avoid interrupting your day

As the night progresses, we will:

  • Remove any extra tables and make the dance floor available

  • Inform VIP guests (parents, wedding party, etc.) that the dance will be starting soon

Once the dance starts, we will:

  • Introduce the Couple

  • Host specialty dances (parent dances, etc.)

  • Play music videos from the 1950's to the present day to keep everyone dancing and having a great time.

Choose Minnesota Wedding Party for an unforgettable wedding celebration, where we take care of all the details so you can enjoy the happiest day of your life.

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