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What to Expect


Minnesota Wedding Party has developed the concept of a Wedding Host to provide you and your guests with a completely hassle free experience. From the time the first guest arrives until the last guest leaves, your Host will be on the job making things run smoothly. We anticipate issues and resolve them before they become problems that could potentially ruin your big day. A typical reception is outlined below. (If required, full A/V Support for your on-site ceremony is included in our price)


When you arrive at your reception your Host will…

-Have background music playing

-Greet guests when they arrive.

-Provide guidance towards the guest book, gift table, restrooms etc.

-Help with any needs during cocktail hour and dinner.

-Keep your guests politely informed about upcoming activities.


When the Bride and Groom arrive we….

-Tend to any of your immediate needs

-Introduce the Bridal Party

-Introduce the Bride and Groom

-Help everyone get seated for dinner

As the day progresses we….

-Facilitate blessing, toasts, or announcements via wireless microphone.

-Help keep you on schedule.

-Introduce your wedding slide show (projector and design help provided as part of your package)

-Provide discrete assistance to staff and guests, if needed, to avoid any interruption of your day.

-Host a few fun surprises that we won’t tell you about.


Later in the evening we….

-Make sure any extra tables are removed and the dance floor is available.

-Extend and uncover DJ system’s Dance Lights. (We prefer not to include industrial lighting in your dinner pictures)

-Quietly inform any V.I.P. guests (Mom, Dad, Wedding Party etc.) that the dance will be starting soon.


When the dance starts we….

-Introduce the Bride and Groom

-Host specialty dances (Parent Dances, etc)

-Play Music Videos from the 1940’s to the present to keep as many people out on the dance floor as possible.

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